A bibliography of publications and reports by or about the Scottish Visual Arts Group:

Chappell, D.  (2014) ‘Visual Arts Libraries in Scotland: The Evolving Scene, SCONUL Focus, no. 61, pp.29-32

Written by SVAG member and Librarian at Glasgow School of Art Library, the paper provides a snapshot of arts librarianship in Scotland with discussions on the current state-of-play and future concerns for the sector. It draws upon an extensive survey in which SVAG members were asked about their current and future collecting strategies, shifts from analogue to digital, and resource allocation.

Matheson, A. (1995) ‘Libraries Working Together: A Scottish Perspective’, Art Libraries Journal, vol. 20, no. 1, pp.12-16

Considers cooperation in the field of visual arts in Scotland, focusing on the development of the Union Catalogue of Art Books in Scotland and the work of SVAG.

Ovenden, R., Rawson, G., Smith, W. & Williamson, H. (1996) Report on Photographic Literature Collections in Scotland, Edinburgh, Scottish Visual Arts Group

A directory of Scottish photographic collections. Please note that some of this information may now be out-of-date or obsolete.

Williamson, H. (2003) ‘The Scottish Visual Arts Group’, Art Libraries Journal, vol. 28, no. 3, pp.11-14

Offers a profile of SVAG, its relationship with the Scottish Confederation of University and Research Libraries, and its achievements, including a report on photographic literature in Scotland and a listing of holdings in the field of visual resources across Scotland on the subject of artists’ books.